Nature Spirituality is the key to Congruency with yourself and soul’s path.

What does the Nature Spirituality Institute do?

Congruency: the state of being in agreement or harmony with….



(Relationships, Career, Mind & Body and Energetically)

Our Founder

Conduit & Nature Translator

My most vital qualification is a meandering life path, including lightning strikes, earthquakes, world travel, and nature philosophy, that has lead me to a recognize the path to Congruency which can be long and difficult, but doesn’t have to be.  To live authentically is rare and powerful. Authenticity is contingent on our connection to all of the aspects of our personal ecosystem. The oneness that I feel with nature is the building block for all aspects of creating connection.  Connection is the key to Congruency.  Healer, intuitive, medium, channeler, Reiki master.

My less important professional qualifications: Licensed Landscape Architect, Natural Resource Manager, Ecological Engineer, and LEED AP.  I use my environmental expertise to illustrate how connection is the lacking element in just about every issue/problem we have and give some of my personal experience to help you find Congruency in your life.