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Quick Way to Connect with Nature


So one way to connect very quickly in nature that I like to use is a little thing that you can clip onto your iPhone and it's got a little lens on it,

Quick Way to Connect with Nature2019-04-30T17:02:48-04:00

Carrie Moore, Founder


A little bit about me. I've worked for over two decades in the environmental field, being a landscape architect, natural resource manager, an ecological engineer. And so I've worked to preserve the environment.

Carrie Moore, Founder2019-04-10T20:43:40-04:00

Vision & Release


I just started to do a reading and two cards literally fell out. So first one is vision, second one is release. And so vision says, no matter what you see, no matter

Vision & Release2019-04-10T19:34:18-04:00

How can we help?


Let's talk a little bit about what is nature spirituality. Basically nature spirituality is using nature to connect spiritually. So whether you believe in a religious God or if you believe in universal

How can we help?2019-04-10T19:26:46-04:00

Nature & Spirituality Institute


So a little bit about the nature spirituality institute. Basically we are an institute that is all about having people connect with nature. And there's tons of different ways to connect with nature.

Nature & Spirituality Institute2019-04-10T20:38:08-04:00



Alright. So let's do a little reading for you today. The reading is going to be on indecision. Now I have not prepared any sort of message. What I'm going to do is


Fear, Courage, Acceptance


Well let's, let's do a reading today. This is this deck is the messages from the guides from James Van Praag. My name is Carrie. And besides being a 20 plus year expert

Fear, Courage, Acceptance2019-04-10T16:41:15-04:00
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