I just started to do a reading and two cards literally fell out. So first one is vision, second one is release. And so vision says, no matter what you see, no matter what you see, the big, bigger picture of a loving just universe. And then release says you have the ability to give over unwanted energies to the loving forces of the universe. So giving over and releasing energies that you have absorbed, for lack of a better terms. So when somebody walks into your office and has a horrible attitude and it kind of rubs off on everybody and you can feel that it, it kind of stuck to you a little bit. Or if somebody does something that really aggravates and agitates you and you’ve got this negative energy, flowing within new self and you can feel it. One thing that you can do as the card is talking about is you can, you can release this energy out to the universe. And so it’s just a simple request. I would just say, universe, please, please take this, this negative energy from me and transmute it a positive energy, that is sent to whoever needs it.