So a little bit about the nature spirituality institute. Basically we are an institute that is all about having people connect with nature. And there’s tons of different ways to connect with nature. But one of the easiest ways is obviously to be out in nature, but if you can’t be out in a park, let’s say you can even have, you know, little plants within your own house that can help you connect and be mindful if you pay attention to those plants and really get current, get within the present moment. So what we do is we do research, we do preservation and conservation and we do education and what we, the whole mission of the nature spirituality institute is to help people connect to their own spiritual values, their own spiritual beliefs through using nature. Nature’s is one of the easiest ways I believe, to connect spiritually because there are tangible, there are tangible elements out in nature that help to illustrate different principals, different values.

One reason people connect with nature spirituality is the fact that nature is something tangible. And so while they may have a hard time connecting with some invisible God’s, spirit of the universe, whatever you want to call it, energy, they can tangibly connect with being out in nature and how before they go in nature, they feel one way. And then after they leave, they feel much more relaxed, much more connected, and it will solve your problems. Nature solves problems. Just going outside and being outside and connecting to who your inner presence is, will help you see what is right for your path.