Well let’s, let’s do a reading today. This is this deck is the messages from the guides from James Van Praag. My name is Carrie. And besides being a 20 plus year expert in the field of nature environmental topics, as a landscape architect and natural resource manager, I also happen to be a channel. And so this card wanted to come out. It’s fear. And so one of the best ways that I can connect to guides and to do channeling is within nature because there is the universal energy that I can connect with. So let’s take a couple of cards and I’ll do a channeled reading for it. So we’ve got fear and this card says, I realized that I am testing my resolve to live in the energy of love. So there’s a lot of people talk about there’s two basic emotions, fear and love. And if you’re in fear, then you’re not in love.

Okay, we got two more. So this one is courage and this one is acceptance. So courage says, I find the inner strength to face fear with confidence and acceptance says I am learning to accept the things I cannot change. All right, so we’ve got fear, courage and acceptance. Let me connect in with my counsel and I’ll start channeling a message. Just so you’re aware. When I channel messages, the language with which they come out is very proper, almost like it is from the 1800s So just to give you a heads up.

Fear is not the enemy. Fear is the unknowing truth that pervade one’s existence when not connected to the universal energy or divine. When presented with fear is necessary for one to reconnect to their inner being, to the knowing of the universal energy, to the on the unexplainable yet explicit connection each one of us has to each other. Courage changes the direction with which one travels. When in alignment with one soul’s path courage is not necessary. It is a deep knowing within oneself that permeates one. Therefore, courage is not necessary. The acceptance of the fact that one soul is connected to everything and everyone is the beginning of transforming one’s life and tapping into the universal consciousness. Consciousness, which can transform your life. With this, we close.

All right. So I hope you got something out of that reading. Just to let you know, when I channel, I don’t remember what I say, so, I’ll have to play it back and listen myself to hear the message.