Alright. So let’s do a little reading for you today. The reading is going to be on indecision. Now I have not prepared any sort of message. What I’m going to do is channel it live from my guides and we’ll see what we’ll see, what happens, what comes out. I am not only an expert in the field of the environment, but I’m also a channeler. So indecision. This card in particular says I use my intuition and all aspects of life. Alright, so indecision transforms one’s path into a myriad of continuous. Um, and what I’m seeing is infinity signs. So continuous infinity signs,

Never truly progressing forward, but the appearance of forward progress exists. Indecision is a lack of alignment with one soul. There is a deep understanding and knowing an unwavering connection with the truth of one’s purpose an one’s direction when one connects with their soul. The universal energy exhibits love, uses the Lens of love, and create an undeniable understanding of the next step to take. While the outcome may not be visible. The next stone in the path of your soul’s existence will appear when you are in alignment. Okay. So I hope that helped you. You found this video, uh, when, when the time was right. So there’s no coincidence who’s on why you found this video, it must be something that you are in, in indecision about right now. So I hope that this message can help you.